Educational Activities

Over the years I have been involved in a range of education subjects, different student populations, institutions, practice and have had diverse roles in doing so. While I started out as a gymnastic coach at 15 years old, i am now mainly focused on education in architecture at university and for professional education. Here I am slowly building up my full teaching portfolio.

Educational Activities

  • Building Design for Human Health (healing, health and health-promotive architecture, Evidence-Based Design, inclusive, active, participatory design, positive and salutogenic design. 
  • Healthcare Building Design (care homes, hospice, psychiatric institution, hospital, primary care typologies)
  • Building Design for planetary health (systemic design, design for a broken planet, environmental perspectives)
  • Heritage & Transformation (urban and rural transformation)
  • Architectural Research (positioning, methods, writing)
  • Design Education (design tutorials, architectural elements, developing course plans)
  • Vocational Education
  • Bachelors Education
  • Masters Education
  • Professional Education
  • Doctoral Education
  • Design Tutor
  • Bachelor Thesis supervisor
  • Master Thesis supervisor
  • Doctoral co-promotor
Education Development
  • Course development & planning
  • Workshops & seminars
  • Master Thesis Evaluation committee
  • Bachelor Education re-development group
  • (Guest) Lecturer
  • (Guest) Critic

Currently educating at

Delft University of Technology, Delft, NL; Faculty of Architecture,

Other Institutions educated at

  • Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, SE; Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

  • Architecture, KU Leuven, Leuven, BE

  • St. Lucas, KU Leuven, Brussels, BE

  • ARTEZ Academie van Bouwkunst, Arnhem, NL

  • Academie van Bouwkunst Tilburg, Tilburg, NL

  • Bouwkunde, Avans Hogeschool, Tilburg, NL

  • Bouwkunde, Avans Hogeschool, Den Bosch, NL

Other non-academic
  • IMC weekendschool, Tilburg, NL
  • Wateringseveld College, Den Haag, NL


BK-City TU Delft

Master Education (MSc)

  • 2022 – course coordinator & first supervisor
  • 2020 – external  lecturer
  • external tutor & lecturer

Bachelors Education (BSc)

  • 2012 Fall – tutor
  • 2010 Fall – tutor (internship)

Chalmers School of Architecture

Master Education (MArch)

Architectural design project 22,5 HEC

Aim: This design studio addresses questions of transformation of the built environment through an emphasis on critical spatial practices and environmental care. It engages with critical environmental and social perspectives, considering nature and culture, the natural and the built environment, human and non-human habitats, social and environmental justice, as interconnected. 

  • 2022 Spring – Course leader, tutor and lectures
  • 2021 Fall  – Course leader, tutor and lectures
  • 2021 Spring  – (interem) Course leader, tutor and lectures (click for student results)

Architectural design project 22,5 HEC
Designing spaces for healthcare is one of the most complex and therefore challenging architectural design commissions there is. You must be able to handle intricate design tasks in which many and often conflicting parameters have to be prioritized and weighted with many stakeholders involved. In this processes you are requested to create a high quality architecture coordinating a good patient environment with demands for high-class work conditions, sufficient space for treatment, care logistics, advanced technical systems design etc. Today there is a new awareness of the crucial importance of architectures as being a part of a good healing environment. The building itself has been shown to promote health, reduce time for treatment, decrease medication and help to reduce the stress experienced by patients, their families, and the teams caring for them. All this opens up new possibilities for architecture to be an important part of the healing process instead of just delivering a functional structure where healing takes place.

  • 2021 – Lecturer
  • 2020 – Lecturer & workshop
  • 2019 – Lecturer & workshop
  • 2018 – Course -(re)developer, tutor, lecturer, workshops
  • 2017 – Course -tutor, lecturer, workshops
  • 2016 – Course -tutor, lecturer, workshops
  • 2015 – Course -tutor, lecturer, workshops
  • 2016 – Course assistant

Architectural design project 22,5 HEC

Students will do a design project on a real problem and site of a building where care will be combined with housing for old people. Either it will be Senior housing, which means forms in between the ordinary housing and the specific housing-units for elderly, including services and space for common activities, or it will be a building where healthcare is more in focus. The dialogue with external persons is vital and also the presentation to different external experts.

  • 2022 lecturer
  • 2021 lecturer
  • 2020 lecturer
  • 2017 Fall – tutor, workshops

The course prepares students for the master’s thesis in architecture. It gives an orientation on theories and methods within the field architecture, with a particular focus on the profile of thesis directions (each direction is a group of faculty members with a shared experitise and thematic) currently available at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. It provides students with the formalities regarding the thesis project, including project plan guidelines, evaluation criteria, academic writing, scheduling, seminars, and final exhibition. 

  • 2022 – course development lecturer
  • 2021 – lecturer
  • 2017 – 2020 – Workshop developer & discussion partner course development
Graduation project including both research and design components 30 ESTC
  • 2020 Spring – Visiting critic
  • 2022 Spring – Tutor, lecturer & course discussion partner
  • 2021 Spring – Lecturer & course discussion partne

Bachelors Education (BArch)

  • 2021 Spring – Development stakeholder workshops
  • 2022 Spring- tutor
  • 2021 Spring – Tutor  (online)

Lectures (see societal outreach)

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